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Dongguan Dexin Metal Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, has two factories with a total area of ??18,668 square meters. It is a professional hardware fastener manufacturer mainly manufacturing screws and nuts. The company adopts imported and high-quality raw materials from large domestic steel mills, and mainly produces high-quality bolts of various materials such as national standard (GB), American standard (ANSI), German standard (DIN), Japanese standard (JIS), and international standard (ISO). , Nuts, screws and other non-standard special hardware fasteners. Products are widely used in precision electronics, electrical appliances, electromechanical, furniture, lighting, toys, sports equipment, automobiles and other industries. The main series are divided into stainless steel screws, electrical hardware screws, electromechanical hardware screws, furniture hardware screws, sports equipment screws, and automotive special screws. Wait. Our products comply with EU environmental protection requirements and can provide qualified environmental reports.       The company has advanced production equipment imported from Taiwan, including: one-die two-stroke heading machine, multi-station heading machine, mold clamping machine, nut forming machine, thread rolling machine and supporting automatic lathes, drilling machines, grinders, automatic thread rolling machines , Automatic tapping machine, etc.       The company has sophisticated testing equipment, including: computer imaging optical screening machine, Vickers (HV) hardness tester, Rockwell (HRC) hardness tester, metallographic embedding machine, grinding wheel cutting machine, grinding and polishing machine, salt spray testing machine , Desktop projector, film thickness meter, material testing machine, two-dimensional projector, torque meter, micrometer, caliper, thread ring gauge, thread plug gauge, etc.       The company has a strict quality control team, perfect management model and professional high-tech talents, and has many years of professional production experience. From the beginning of its founding, it adhered to the business philosophy of "service first, quality first, sincere service, and sustainable operation", and kept improving and innovating in product technology and production equipment, and strived to provide customers with sophisticated products and technical assistance.
---  Company History ---
Passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification in 2001
Passed ISO14001 international environmental management system certification in 2017
Continuous development
Passed ISO28000 supply chain safety management system certification in 2019
Look to the future
Passed IATF16949 automotive quality management system certification in 2018
Keep improving
---  Company philosophy ---
Quality policy
Good quality, punctual delivery, fast service, customer satisfaction
Environmental policy
Abide by laws and regulations, prevent and control environmental pollution, save resources, and insist on continuous improvement
Ethical policy
Win by quality, serve with heart, oppose bribery, care for employees
Supply chain security policy
Safety precautions, integrity and law-abiding, accurate shipments, continuous improvement
—— To every Dexin team talent who insists on working hard for their dreams
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Contact: Ryan Hung
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Telephone: 0769-83196635-7
Mail box: screw@dexing.cc
Address: No. 408, Shuichang Road, Shuikou Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
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